# Getting Started

# Installation

You can install this package via composer using:

composer require bndwgn/laravel-bandwagon

The package will automatically register its service provider. To publish the config file to config/bandwagon.php run:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Bndwgn\Bandwagon\BandwagonServiceProvider"

# Rendering the component


To render the component just add the component to any or all desired pages like so:

    <!-- html here -->
    <x-bandwagon-renderer />

Just make sure to put the component at the bottom of your body tag, outside of any other <div> tags.

# Publishing an event to users

To use the example of sharing a purchase with people who are on the purchase page of your application you would just add the following:

// App/Http/Controllers/PurchaseController.php 
use Bndwgn\Bandwagon\Bandwagon;

public function purchase(Request $request, Product $product)
    $user = Auth::user(); 
    // ... logic to charge a customer
        "Someone from ${$user->state}",
        "purchased the ${$product->displayName} plan",
        $request->ip(), // nullable
        route('product', $product->id) // nullable


Leave the ip address param off to make sure even the user who created the event sees the message.

This will create a new Bandwagon record which then any users who are on the purchase page where you render the component (<x-bandwagon-renderer />) will see.