# Cleaning up old events

# Introduction

Every time an event is created using the the Bandwagon::createEvent() command a record is stored in the database in a table called bandwagon_events. Depending on how many events are being fired you will most likely want to cleanup this table from time to time. Additionally the bandwagon.php config key oldest dictates the oldest event to display to users, thus rendering any events older than oldest useless for this packages purposes.

# Console command

Out of the box you are provided with the following console command:

php artisan bandwagon:cleanup

# Scheduling

It is recommended to add the command to run on some interval to ensure your table does not get too large by adding it Kernel.php:

// App/Console/Kernel.php

protected function schedule(Schedule $schedule)

# Configuration

This command will remove all events older than what is specified in the bandwagon.php config. You can see the specific key here:

// config/bandwagon.php

'cleanup' => [
    'enabled' => env('BANDWAGON_CLEANUP_ENABLED', true),
    'olderthan' => env('BANDWAGON_CLEANUP_OLDER_THAN', 86400),

This will find any events older than time() - config('bandwagon.cleanup.olderthan') and delete them from the database to keep a maintainable size to this table. Feel free to adjust it as you would like but keep in mind it is best practice to make this value equal to or higher than the oldest key found in bandwagon.php.